25.04.2022: Orient – Move – Ground / Embodiment Practice as a Skill for Peace

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Körper und Konfliktbewältigung – An interactive evening of body awareness and sound with Emily Poel and David Bloom

We can’t control the fact that there is war, but we can influence our individual response to it.

One possibility is through our ability to regulate our nervous systems. Developed by Steve Haines, OMG is a simple tool of self-regulation that can be implemented anywhere, anytime to re-connect with our bodies and the current moment, offering at least a partial interruption to the constant tension we all feel.

In this interactive evening embodiment trainer Emily Poel will walk us through the basic practice of OMG, taking turns with sound artist David Bloom who will enhance our embodied experience with improvised piano and vocals.

Learning the skill of self-regulation is one way we can care for ourselves and those around us in times of crisis, as well as remember to experience the beauty that is around us all the time.

Emily Poel teaches workshops and courses using physical awareness tools to improve creativity, learning and thinking processes.

David Bloom is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, father, filmmaker, bodyworker, pianist, and fermenting Jewish mystic.

18:30 – 19:00h: Einlass 19:00 – 20.00h: Workshop